Monday, August 10, 2009

Time is flying by...

I cannot believe it's been 3 weeks since my last post! If anyone still reads this, so sorry it's been so long!! Anyway, we have been so busy these past few weeks. Here's a little bit of our life...

  1. Kennedy turned 3 on Sunday, Aug. 9th. We celebrated with her friends on Saturday and with family on Sunday. I can't believe you're 3 baby girl! You'll always be mama's baby, even though you're such a daddy's girl!! Love you Cate Cate! Pics to come.
  2. The kids have both been having so much fun at summer camp. They even put on a super cute circus parade for the parents last week!
  3. I have been working hours and hours in my classroom getting everything ready for the first day of school next week! I really don't know who is more excited, the kids or me!! Pics to come of my classroom soon...I'm doing a camping theme this year...Camp Kindergarten!
  4. We took the kids to their first Drillers game and they loved it. Well, actually they didn't watch much of the game. But, they did enjoy folding the seats up and down, over and over again, and the hot dogs were a huge hit!
  5. I have been busy taking classes at The Apple Tree to get me all up to date on the latest kindergarten teaching ideas. Super fun!
  6. My Hide and Seek Boutique business has kept me busy the last couple weeks as well. I've been getting all those little ones' mats all decked out and ready for their first nap at school!
  7. We had our small faith group over for dinner a few weeks ago. Our priest, Fr. Kastl joined us for dinner as well and at the end of the night he blessed our families and our marriages. It was such a special night!
  8. Chad ran a quarter marathon last weekend and he did an AWESOME job! I was so proud of him!
  9. Tomorrow Chad and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary! Happy early anniversary babe! Love you more than ever.
  10. We have family coming in town from Nebraska on Wed., it's Chad's aunt and uncle and their 4 kids! It's been about 5 years since we have seen them. I can't wait!! They are such an awesome Catholic family and I'm hoping they'll join us for mass on Sunday!!

I guess that's all for now. I have a ton of pics on my camera to post. I'll take some of my classroom tomorrow and then I'll do a huge picture post!!

Love to you all...

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Anonymous said...

i read your blog!!!!!! it has been 3 long weeks of no posts!!! thanks for the updates and happy anniversary! kels

Anonymous said...

me too - i've been waiting for an update!! I can't wait to see your classroom. I bet it is so cute! love ann

Katie said...

I knew Kelsey was dying of no posts ; ) Post pics soon! I cannot believe Kennedy is already 3!!!