Friday, July 17, 2009

Nap Time

I've been busy this summer getting everyone's little ones ready for preschool nap time! Orders have been coming in for new pillows, mat covers and blankets...everything they need to sleep like an angel!! Here are some pics of the latest orders...

My friend Mary, Blaine's grandma, got him the whole nap package (custom pillow, blanket and mat cover) The pillow and mat cover are in Lil' Cowpoke and his blanket is a light blue gingham!

Kelly ordered her kiddos little toddler pillows to match their bedding at home. I had made her daughter, Hannah, the whole nap package in carnival bloom last year. This year Hannah wanted a pillow to match her bed at home for nap time!
This pillow is for her son, Ford (such a cute name!) and matches his crib bedding. He's just a little baby right now, so she'll use this for decoration in his room until he's old enough to use it!
Kelsey ordered this custom "In Transit" pillow for a family member's new cute!
I couldn't do a post without adding in some recent pics of the kids. Last weekend we went back to the Bartlesville Kiddie Park with a group from church and had such a fun time. The only was SCORCHING HOT outside!
This is Carson, pre-roller coaster. The ride was just pulling off and he was so excited. The ride went around two times and he was hollering for the lady to stop the they did and he got off. He was soooo scared. He didn't cry or anything, until I picked him up and he just lost it. That ride freaked him out so much. He was still talking about it yesterday...almost a week after it happened! Poor guy!

Happy Summer!

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