Friday, July 17, 2009

Nap Time

I've been busy this summer getting everyone's little ones ready for preschool nap time! Orders have been coming in for new pillows, mat covers and blankets...everything they need to sleep like an angel!! Here are some pics of the latest orders...

My friend Mary, Blaine's grandma, got him the whole nap package (custom pillow, blanket and mat cover) The pillow and mat cover are in Lil' Cowpoke and his blanket is a light blue gingham!

Kelly ordered her kiddos little toddler pillows to match their bedding at home. I had made her daughter, Hannah, the whole nap package in carnival bloom last year. This year Hannah wanted a pillow to match her bed at home for nap time!
This pillow is for her son, Ford (such a cute name!) and matches his crib bedding. He's just a little baby right now, so she'll use this for decoration in his room until he's old enough to use it!
Kelsey ordered this custom "In Transit" pillow for a family member's new cute!
I couldn't do a post without adding in some recent pics of the kids. Last weekend we went back to the Bartlesville Kiddie Park with a group from church and had such a fun time. The only was SCORCHING HOT outside!
This is Carson, pre-roller coaster. The ride was just pulling off and he was so excited. The ride went around two times and he was hollering for the lady to stop the they did and he got off. He was soooo scared. He didn't cry or anything, until I picked him up and he just lost it. That ride freaked him out so much. He was still talking about it yesterday...almost a week after it happened! Poor guy!

Happy Summer!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Ashtyn's Shower

My friend Amanda is pregnant with her second baby, a little girl named Ashtyn. Her baby shower was last weekend and I decided to make her a bunch of fun stuff and put it in a cute embroidered canvas tote from PB Kids.
Carnival Bloom and Pink Disco Dot Burp Cloths
Ashtyn's "a" pillow with pink and white polka dot fabric and a green and white polka dot ribbon.
Flannel blanket with flowers and baby cute!
A little surprise for Amanda, the mommy, animal print towel wrap for her hospital stay.

Here's her gift all put together in her pink polka dot tote and tied with ribbon!

I can't wait to meet you Ashtyn Rose!!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Precious Pillows

Check out this darling pillow that I just designed for a friend's new baby, Ashtyn. It turned out so cute! If you'd like one too, head over to my Hide and Seek Boutique Blog and choose your fabric and ribbon and I'll make one for you too!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best Buds!

Kennedy and Lilly relaxing together at the Art of BBQ!
They are the sweetest little friends!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have you heard??

Some of you may already know, but if not, here it goes! I interviewed for the Kindergarten position at the Catholic school where my children attend. The principal offered me the job and I happily accepted! I'm so excited I can hardly wait until that first day of school. I will only have about 15 children in my class, the perfect number! My kids will attend preschool next year, just down the hall from my classroom. It is such a perfect fit for our family and I'm so excited about this new chapter in our lives!

Quick little prayer request...I have to go in to have an ultrasound on my thyroid in the morning. My dr. said it felt a little enlarged and she wants it checked. I've actually had it checked several times before...just through blood work. But, now she wants an ultrasound. So, I'm going to the hospital in the morning for a quick scan. I have no idea how long it will take to get the results back. I'm just a smidge nervous...not too bad...just a smidge! Thanks for your prayers!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Party and the Sneaky Siblings

Well, this is going to be a double post tonight! First off, we had such a fun 4th of July this year. My side of the family came over to our house for a BBQ and we just had the best time hanging out and catching up. My Aunt Connie and my cousin Sarah were in town from Houston and it was so good to see them. Here's a little smilebox with a bunch of our pics from our fun day...Enjoy! Just click on the play button in box...
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Now, on to the "Sneaky Siblings"! Chad and I were trying to get dinner ready tonight and the kids were just out of control. So, we decided to separate them and told them to go to their rooms and play quietly until dinner was ready. It worked for a bit, then I could hear Carson yelling at his sister, so I went upstairs to check it out. They figured out how to still play together without being together! They discovered they could holler through the air vents and still be able to talk to each other. It was pretty hilarious and Carson thought he was a genius for figuring this one out! Too cute!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy Busy Summer Days!

Our days have been so packed lately, that I haven't had much time to blog about them! Orders are coming in for Hide and Seek Boutique and that's keeping me busy too. Soon, I'll post some pics of orders I've been working on...super cute stuff!
Last week, one of the trees in our backyard decided to stop growing, and it died on us. So, Chad took it out and a couple guys came over to plant a new one. Carson wanted to help so he is trying to be a part of it...too cute!

This week, Chad was having a bad week and so I decided we needed a change of pace and we needed to be together as a family. So, on Tuesday night we packed up and headed to the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville. It is just good ole' summer time fun for families. We all had so much fun together and it was exactly what Chad needed to lift his spirits! The kids rode a ton of rides and get this...each ride is only 25 cents, some of the bigger rides are 50 cents, but most are only 25. What can you buy for 25 cents these days?!?

Carson was so sweet to his sister at the Kiddie Park. He helped her in and out of the rides and helped her buckle in, it was really neat to watch him care for her. She wanted to be right next to him on every ride, and didn't care if she was in the front or the back of the ride...just as long as she was with her Bubby! They just had the best time together.

Tonight, Chad and I were going to have a night, just the two of us, at the house. Carson was staying with Grandma and Kennedy with Nana and Pop. Well, so we thought. Carson is doing great at grandma's. But, Kennedy called her daddy's cell phone crying and said she wanted to come home. She missed him! She was having such a good time at Nana and Pop's house, they made puppets together, Nana painted her finger nails and toe nails, but it just wasn't cutting it...because daddy wasn't there. So, we went and got her and here's how she spent the rest of the night...
She sat practically on top of daddy the whole night while they shared a big bowl of popcorn and watched Wall E together. She couldn't have been happier. Now she's sound asleep in her bed with a tummy full of "tot torn" (popcorn). Sweet dreams sweetheart!

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