Monday, August 17, 2009

Huge Summer Picture Post

OK. this is going to be a big post of pictures from our summer adventures! We just had the best time this summer together. The kids and I both start school this week and we are all so excited. This week I'll have pictures of my classroom,"Camp Kindergarten", and pictures of the kids on their first day of preschool.
Carson had VBS this summer at our church and he LOVED it. He had the best teacher too. Mrs. Hyatt was so sweet and Carson really enjoyed her.

Great Grandma Virginia came in town for her birthday and the kids and I spent some much needed time with her. She is the absolute sweetest woman and we all adore her.
Chad and his buddies, Shane, Pat and Cody ran the Route 66 Quarter Marathon this summer. They did such and awesome job and I am so proud of them. What to go babe!!! And, yes, that is a little adult beverage in their hands, and yes, the run was at 8:00 in the morining! Gross.

At the end of July, our priest, Fr. him!...came over and we had our small faith group over and he blessed our marriages. We all just had the best time eating dinner together and catching up with eachother. At the end of the evening, Fr. Kastl blessed each of our marriages and our families...such a memorable night! Thanks Fr. K!
Fr. K. and the Jacksons...
Fr. K. and the Ross'...
Fr. K. and the Craigs...
Fr. K. and the Potters...
At the beginning of August, we celebrated Kennedy's third birthday. She is such a big girl and big girl's don't sleep in cribs! So, Kennedy got a new big girl bed with new pink and green bedding. She LOVES it! Now, if only we could get her to stay in it....ha!
For the kids' birthdays, we always do for family and one for friends. So, this year, Kennedy wanted her friend party at Build-A-Bear! We had the party in the morning and served donuts with juice and milk, instead of cake. The kids really liked it. Then, we headed off to Build-A-Bear...each child got to choose an animal to make as well as any clothes/shoes etc. that they wanted. They had so much fun!

One of Kennedy's favorite guests at her bday party was her baby cousin, Corbin. She loves him so much! Now, all her baby dolls are named Corbin too, after her cousin. She simply adores him.
We had our family party in our home. She had the best time and she finally got her pink princess cake...exactly what she ordered!
I really think the kids enjoyed their summer. They especially loved when we had nowhere to go and they could hang out in their pj's and play at the house all day long!
I hope you all enjoyed your summer and now it's back to school for our family. It's been such a change for us this past week, but we'll get the hang of it.
When I first applied for this kindergarten position, I really felt God calling me back to teaching. I just didn't know at the time how He was going to equip me. I just feel like He has made every detail fall into place, opened so many different doors for our family and has just made it easy to answer His call. I'm loving it!
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sarah m said...

Looks like a great summer! I love all the pictures...your kiddos are SO cute! :) Good luck with going back to school!