Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mrs. Potter's Camp Kindergarten!

It's finally time! The day I've been waiting for...the first day of school! It's coming, this Thursday. I can hardly wait! I'll finally have all my new little kindergarteners in my classroom, ready to start school and eager to learn. I've been meeting them over the last few days while we conduct re-assessments. Our kindergarteners are precious, I mean really precious! I'm so blessed to be their teacher this year...God is so good!
Well, here's a little peak into Camp Kindergarten, my camping theme for the year! I've had so much fun decorating my room and getting everything ready for them. I hope they enjoy it too!
Here is our main meeting area, where we'll do our lunch count, answer our question of the day and go over our agenda for the day. We'll also come together here after lunch for stories by the campfire, before we lay down to rest. Can you see the logs at the bottom of the picture? It actually plugs in and it looks like flames in the middle of the logs! Chad put it together for me and I think the kids will love it. I will have it on during our campfire story time and during rest time.

This is our quiet reading area. The bullitin board reads "Camping Out With A Good Book". During free time, the children will be allowed to come over to the reading area and sit and read. Only my star camper will be allowed to read in the tent. My star camper changes each day, so everyone will get a turn in the tent! The star camper also gets to lay in the tent during rest time, if they'd like to!Our religion board reads "Hiking Toward Heaven". I love it! I found a really cute bulletin board set to go with it, that is camping themed with all kinds of bible verses. In front of my board is my religion table. I have a statue of Mary, a picture of Jesus, a few rosaries and lots of religious books for the kids to look at.

Here's my desk area, with my LOVELY teal chair! Where do you find a teal chair like that? It cracks me up! The color is so atrocious, but I've actually become a little attached to it, so it's not going anywhere! My friend, Allison, painted the sign above my desk that reads, "Mrs. Potter's Kindergarten".

This is just the other side of the classroom., where we'll do our work and the empty shelf will be full of books over the next couple days!

Thanks to Lori for taking all of these pics! Also, thanks to all the wonderful teachers online that have done this camping theme before and shared a ton of their great ideas. I stole, I mean, borrowed a lot of them!!
Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

very cute! jeff wants to enroll in your class..he saw the tent and moose and is ready to go! kels

sarah m said...

that is so cute...i love it all!! it really makes me miss teaching. :( the kiddos will love the tent!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your classroom - have a great year Mrs Potter!! - Love, Ann