Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School

It's back to school for the Potters! The kids had their first day of preschool yesterday, and they were so happy to be back with the friends. They looked so sweet in their back to school clothes and I loved how excited they were! They had such a good day and were ready to go back again today!

I had my first day today with my little kindergarteners and we had a wonderful day. They are so sweet and so innocent. Their eyes were huge for most of the day with all the new things that kindergarteners get to do! I took a ton of precious pics of them in their new uniforms playing together, but obviously can't post them on here. But, if I could, I would! I'm so blessed to work at such an amazing school, with an awesome class and to have my own children right down the hall. Life's pretty good right now!
Have a wonderful weekend...
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Alyssa: said...

Your kiddos are precious!

We had a wonderful first day! You are right--we have such a great school! Can't wait for this great year.

Oh-and Katie informed me that "the new teacher, her name is Mrs. Potter, mommy, she is so nice." We think so, too!


sarah m said...

They are SO cute!! I love Kennedy's dress, and Carson looks like such a cute little dude. :) Glad the first day went well!