Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Well, I was supposed to post these pics like 5 days ago...but it didn't happen! Here they are now... Our last day at Big Cedar was pretty much spent in the pool and just hanging around. We really had the best time together! Since we've been home, the kids are already talking about going back; they love it!

Carson is our little fish that never wants to get out of the water. He's going to be that kid that his lips turn blue and he's shivering, but refuses to get out of the water! We haven't seen that yet, but the summer has only begun!

And, now we have Miss Cheese Ball...

Carson just asked me how to say "Kennedy" in Chinese. I'm stumped. Anybody know? Where does he come up with his questions?
The kids love the idea of getting ice cream in a cone. But, they take several licks and then get so irritated when it drips all over them! Well, one child tends to be a bit messier than the other. I'm not going to mention any names...

Happy summer everyone!!

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Katie said...

Too cute!You must get your kids this:

I saw the girl who invented it on the Big Idea with Donny Deustch - awesome story but it fits any kind of drippy treat!

Fun to see you tonight!! Hope you guys had fun after I left!!!