Tuesday, June 9, 2009

City Fishing and "Ratoons"

Ok...first off, we really don't live in the city, but it's far enough way from the country, that I can call it the city! Anyway, here's city fishing for ya... well, fishing with only a bobber, no hook of course...
There's nothing better than fishing in the backyard, in your plastic blow up pool...aahhh summer!

Kennedy kept telling me, "I taught one! I taught one!"...translation "I caught one! I caught one!".

Hello my little precious! I think your swimsuit is from 2 years ago! But you know what...you wouldn't budge and insisted on the blue and white one...so here ya go! You might want to pull it up a smidge...I'm just sayin.
So, now on to the second part of today's story. I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden I heard something on our deck...right outside...right behind me. Chad's not feeling well tonight, so I had to be the brave one and go peek out the window. Here's what I saw...

A RATOON...as Kennedy calls it because she can't say her c's yet! AAAHHH! It was getting into our trash I had just set out. It seriously was looking right at me and didn't care that I was there. It even started pawing at the door...so I locked it. Like it was going to reach up and open the handle. I was slightly freaking out!

Oh my! Mom...if you're reading this, which you better be! HA! Remember the time we were driving to the lake and we had to stop at one point because there was a cow in the middle of the road?!? Remember what I did in freak out mode? Yep, I locked the doors then too. I guess I just lose all sense of thinking and forget they can't open doors and they don't have thumbs!
Tomorrow Nana and Pop and I are taking the kids to a free movie at one of the local theaters...should be fun!
That's all for tonight.

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Ashley said...

Hahaha Jackie... I can just picture you doing all of that! If he could reach it, he probably could turn the door knob but the cow? Not so much, haha. -Smash

~Katie said...

Oh my gosh... I was reading this and cracking up because I am here to tell you that racoons CAN open doors. My husband and I were staying in a resort on Sanibelle Island in Florida a few years ago and at night the racoons would come out of the wood work. There were sooo many of them. I would scream and run to our room, they would freak me out so bad. The garbage cans were at the end of the sidewalks in closets, to keep the pasky racoons out BUT one night Seth and I watched one climb on top of the sidewalk railing and OPEN the door to get to the garbage can!! I am not kidding. These things were like humans! I swear it gives me chills telling you about it. We couldn't believe it BUT, you did the right thing locking your door!! LOL.