Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Party

Do you remember having little parties at school? It seemed like we had a class party for every holiday and I loved it! Today the kids celebrated Easter in their classes. They had a party with juice and cookies and an Easter egg hunt. Actually, Carson got to celebrate and Kennedy had to stay home with me. (She's still getting over pnemonia.) She was not too happy about Bubby getting to go to school without her. Lori, my kids' godmother, picked up Carson today. When he got home, he brought with him a big bag full of Easter eggs and candy! He even brought one home for Kennedy. He made sure to hunt for eggs for his sweet! She was so excited! Her teachers even sent home a cookie and juice box for her from the party...she has such awesome teachers and the best big brother!

When they came in, they dumped their bags on the kitchen floor and started going through everything and taking a little taste of everything too...sugar high here we come!

It's a beautiful spring day here in OK...hope everyone is able to get outside and enjoy this weather!


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